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Stutenkerl-Aktion 2018

Start up am BWV – Schülerinnen und Schüler gründen Unternehmen



Die Abteilung Produktentwicklung arbeitet auf Hochtouren, die Markteinführung soll vor Weihnachten erfolgen. Das kann auch gestandene Manager nervös machen. Das Team von „BattleBrett" bleibt aber ganz gelassen.


Das Internettagebuch mit der Scholengemeenschap De Waerdenborch

Das Internettagebuch des Austausches mit Schülerinnen und Schülern der Scholengemeenschap De Waerdenborch vom 1. bis 5. Oktober 2018 

Internetdagboek uitwisseling in Holten in Nederland  maandag 1 – 5 oktober 2018


Dagbericht maandag


Faire Mode

In Kooperation mit der Anne-Frank-Realschule (10. Klassen) und durch finanzielle Unterstützung der Stadt Ahaus  besuchte die HHUI 1 des Berufskollegs Wirtschaft und Verwaltung Ahaus am 08.11.2018 einen Vortrag von Frank Herrmann (Journalist und Sachbuchautor).


My Internship in London 2018

Praktikumsbericht von Rebekka Janning, AHR 13 F

 About my internship

 At the beginning of the year a teacher at school told us about the opportunity to do an internship in a foreign country. I liked that idea and soon we started to plan everything. My plan was to do a six-week internship in London. Most of that period should be during my summer holidays, so I decided to go from the 30 June until 11 August. My teacher, Mr Tinnemeyer helped me with the application for that internship. We sent it to the organization “Europäischer Bildungsverbund e.V” and they did the rest for me. They got in touch with an organization in London which arranged accommodation in a host family and a workplace for me. They also arranged a one-week course in a language school. So, my stay was segmented as follows: The first week was at the language school and in the remaining weeks I worked at the Saint James Backpackers Hostel in Kensington. I had several reasons why I wanted to do this internship. Firstly, I wanted to improve my English, I wanted to become more fluent, and I wanted to get used to making conversation in this language. I didn’t see a better way to achieve this than this internship, because in London I would have no choice but speaking English. A second reason for my decision was that I wanted to improve my personal skills. I wanted to become less shy towards strangers and I wanted to be able to get along better with other people, even if I maybe don’t like them too much. A third reason was that I wanted to do something on my own. Just me and nobody else, because like this I could learn where my personal limitations are, and I had to get along on my own. Another reason was that London is a completely multi-cultural city, so I could meet people from all over the world.



Report of my internship in Ireland

Praktikumsbericht von Antonia Brüning, AHR 13 F

1 Introduction

 With this report I want to give an overview over my experience I had during my internship in Ireland. In this report I will write about my working place, my host family and what I  experienced with them. Furthermore I will give some information about Ireland.



My internship in Varvarin, Serbia

Praktikumsbericht von Tom Brummelhuis, AHR 13 F

 from  11.07 - 26.07.2018

As I always wanted to see the practical working methods in a company, I decided to take the chance of doing an internship in a foreign country, mostly because of the other language. Since I have already done several internships in Germany and the Netherlands, I wanted to do a "real" one, not just for a few days. Because of my father, who works for a company, which has its production in Varvarin, Serbia, I got the great opportunity of gaining this new experience.


My Internship at the UK Window Group (Masco Holding)

Praktikumsbericht von Max Otto Pietsch, AHR 13 F 



 From 2nd of July to 28th of July I did a work placement at the UK Window Group (Masco Holding) in Caerphilly (Cardiff), Wales.

I applied at the UK Window Group, because I had a personal contact to one of the managers of the Masco Holding. The company is very interesting to me, because it is an industrial mid-sized company, where I could see the whole process from production to shipment to the customer.

 In Cardiff I expected to gain many experiences, as I would be working abroad. Here I wanted to improve the fluency and vocabulary of my English. I also expected to meet friendly and open-minded people. But I also had some fears, as had I never lived on my own before without family and friends. I did not know anybody in Cardiff. 


My internship in Ireland 2018

Praktikumsbericht von Daniel Dornbusch, AHR 13 F

My internship in Ireland 2018

The first week:

On Saturday the 30th June 2018 I was going to start an unforgettable experience for 4 weeks in Ireland. My flight from Dusseldorf Airport to Dublin Airport was  in the evening at 7:30. I was very nervous because it was my first flight ever. Antonia (a girl from my class) and I landed in Dublin at 10 pm and then we were picked up by Gemma Freeman who was very friendly and welcoming. She took us to the house we would stay in for one night. During the ride she told us that she had studied in Germany and sometimes she spoke to us in German. When we arrived at the house, we met Helen Dalton who was our host mother for that night. She was very friendly and the girl from Brazil we met that night was friendly as well.


Projekttage in den Klassen AV und IFK

Vom 10. Oktober bis zum 12. Oktober fanden in den Klassen Ausbildungsvorbereitung Vollzeit und Internationale Förderklasse die Projekttage zum Thema „Das duale Ausbildungssystem“ statt.

Am ersten Tag der Projekttage besuchten die Schülerinnen und Schüler die BOM AH! und informierten sich über verschiedene Ausbildungsberufe. Dabei kamen sie mit vielen Ausstellern ins Gespräch und nutzen den Austausch ebenfalls zur Praktikumsplatzsuche. Die Aufgabe, einen ausführlichen Report über ihren Ausbildungswunsch zu schreiben, meistern die Schüler sehr gut. 


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